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Candy Executives Push False 'Sugar Shortage' Scare

Candy Executives Push False 'Sugar Shortage' Scare, Support Policies that Will Outsource Sugar Farming Jobs

U.S. candy makers are making big bucks selling their sugar products to everyday Americans, but while they are raking in profits, they are at the same time biting the hand that feeds them—American sugar farmers.

American farmers supply candy makers like Hershey’s with the majority of the sugar they use for their products, but Big Candy doesn’t appear to be satisfied with their record profits.

Companies like Hershey’s and other sugar users are behind a PR campaign to try to convince lawmakers and consumers that there’s a “sugar shortage,” but the opposite is true - American sugarcane and beet farmers continue to produce an ample supply of sugar for consumers and companies that use sugar in their products.

Current projections by the United States Department of Agriculture suggest this year’s total sugar surplus should exceed demand by more than 3.7 Billion pounds.

With so much sugar available and a slick PR campaign happening in the pages of the Wall Street Journal and other national outlets, local farmers like Ardis Hammock, who grows sugarcane in Moore Haven, FL are left wondering if there’s a hidden agenda among candy executives that would threaten American farm jobs.


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